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Comments by students:

"...I did the first session this past weekend and just loved it."

"I enjoy your perspective and the way you pull it all together."

"The exercises you give are worthwhile and the advice you give is well worth taking."

"If the rest of your course is as good as this I think you might charge more than $20 for it. :)"

This course is based on over forty years of accumulated teaching experience and provides the latest information on how to write successfully!

Writerlist Short Story Course

A 6-Week Interactive Online Short Story Fiction Writing Class!

Finally, a comprehensive fiction writing course that you can take online at your leisure.

The all new Writerlist interactive short story writing course is designed to teach you the basics of good short fiction writing.

The course is made up of lesson materials that are sent automatically to you over a six week period. This unique course covers the following:

  • Week 1: A Brief History of Short Fiction.
  • Week 2: The Basic Short Story Plot.
  • Week 3: How To Create Real Characters.
  • Week 4: Use of The Scene in Storytelling.
  • Week 5: Common Pitfalls.
  • Week 6: How to Sell Your Short Story.

The cost of this course is $20.00

Unconditional Guarantee!
If at anytime in the future, you are not completely satisfied with the value of this course, you may request a full refund of your fee. No questions asked!

Two ways to order:

Order by Credit Card: CLICK HERE

Order by Personal Check: CLICK HERE

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