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Welcome to the Writerlist Fiction Writing Course, a six-week self-study program to teach you the basics of good fiction writing.

The material to be presented will consist of one lesson every week for six weeks. Please plan on spending at least three hours per week on the course, though you may progress through the material at your own speed. This unique writing course is designed so that you are your own tutor.

Basically, this is how it works:

Each lesson, sent to you automatically each week, consists of written material to give you information on some aspect of fiction writing, a reading assignment of material found on the web, and a writing assignment that you must complete.

You will also be given specific instructions with each lesson as to how to critique your work or obtain an evaluation by a second party.

The lesson plan is as follows:

Week 1: A Brief History of Short Fiction.
Week 2: The Basic Short Story Plot.
Week 3: How To Create Real Characters.
Week 4: Use of The Scene in Storytelling.
Week 5: Common Pitfalls.
Week 6: How to Sell Your Short Story.

You are now ready to start.

To receive your first lesson "A Brief History of Short Fiction," please CLICK HERE and send a blank email.

Please complete Lesson #1, following all instructions. Lesson #2 will be sent to you automatically in 7 days.

Thank you for participating and have fun!

Allen Rolf
2500 Willow S-507
N. Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone: 501 812-4779
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Unconditional Guarantee!
If at anytime in the future, you are not completely satisfied with the value of this course, you may request a full refund of your fee. No questions asked!