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How-To Writing Reports

These technical reports on freelance writing topics are made available by WRITERLIST, a FREE information service that provides marketing and other information to writers. For more information on how you can subscribe to WRITERLIST Free information, email WRITERLIST.

Reports Presently Available From The WRITERLIST Archives

What Every Writer Should Know About Writing Saleable Features!
(How-To on feature writing)

Making Money Writing Info-Manuals
(Instruction manuals and technical writing)

There's Money To Be Made In History!
(Writing about local and regional history)

The Rule of Thirds
(Basics of developing fiction plots)

Let's Take A Trip!
(Writing for the travel & leisure markets)

Overcoming Editor Block!
(How to handle editors)

What Is A Stringer?
(Writing for newspapers & trade journals)

Theme Fiction Writing ... A Place To Learn Quickly!
(Seasonal fiction & feature writing)

Is There A Market For Drama?
(How to become a playwright)

The Turkey City Lexicon
(A Primer of Terms for SF Workshops)

Copyright In A Nutshell
(All you need to know about copyright)

Where Do You Get Those Names?
Special names create special memorable characters!

Setting The Scenes In Storytelling
Stories just don't happen ....they happen some place!