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John M Ralph - Henley-on-Thames, England

John was born in 1948 and his main pleasures in youth were girls, writing, the theatre and flying. Finding that only one of these would pay his way in life with any certainty he became an airline pilot. Travelling the world and being paid for it made writing take a back seat.

A few years as an (unpaid) editor of The Log, journal of BALPA - the British pilot's union - rekindled a desire to write. He retired as a 747 Captain after 28 years of flying and now devotes his time equally between writing and not doing very much at all, really.

Interested in computing, sales have been made to UK computer magazines. He is now on other, general interest magazine lists. He has two books - one fantasy, one thriller- sloooowly moving from conception stage to roughed-out plot stage. His major project is getting a lifetime's fund of anecdotes thrashed into some kind of merchantable shape.

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