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Hard to find merchandise for the busy writer!

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

Remember your Mom this year in a special way!

Give the Gift of Love!

A twelve-foot live alligator!

Our gators have been specially bred to be docile with Moms! They easily fold double into the average bathtub for convenient storage and can be fed ordinary table scraps!

For more details email Gators-4-Moms

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Free box of Band-Aids with each order!

Live Naked Chick!

View a naked chick from the University of Arkansas!

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This site contains a nude chick and may be offensive to some viewers!

I want to do your next book!

Shelby Corn
Book Doctor

20-years experience in writing government checks, creating believable passports, helping push stock certificates!

Let A Professional Do it!

Send first three chapters for price quote to:

Shelby Corn
State Prison, Ar 72006

What Every Writer Needs!

Increase your productivity! Reduce typo errors! Improve style!

Sell More!

Order your lucky dirt-dobber nest today!

Only $19.95!

Our buyers have scoured the Ozark Mountians to find these lucky dirt-dobber nests that will immediately improve your writing skills!

Money-back Guarantee! No need to take workshops or writing courses anymore!


Lucky Dirt-Dobber


Please Come Home!

Wherever your are!

Your agent is looking for you and your kids need a daddy!

I am willing to kiss and make up and help your spend your royalty checks.

....Selma Jo

Good Health
Is Vital to
Science Fiction Writing!

Specially Formulated Science Fiction Writer Cookies!

In the latest nutrition break through, we are now proud to offer our new locust & honey-filled chocolate cream waffers. 24 wondeful, individually wrapped waffers, each filled with the finest desert grasshoppers and honey from Iran!

Try them today and write that weird SF stuff!

Now available at most head shops!

Join The Rejection Slip of the Week Club!

Each week we'll mail you a different rejection slip (suitable for framing) that will prove to the world that you are producing writer!

Our rejection slips are authenticated copies of some of the major publishing houses of the world.

For more information
Rejection Slip of the Week Club

Novel Chicken Foot Key Ring!

For the writer who can't keep up with her keys!

Bright yellow chicken foot that glows in the dark. Designed to hang out of the purse for easy accessablity. Right and left foot models available.

Only $19.95, plus $5.00 S&H

For more information email:
Abe's Kosher Meats


Our service will put you on the Internet today for millions to see!

Every day editors and publishers are searchng the internet to find new writers! For only $25.00 we will publish your fiction, poetry, favorite recipe, or whatever, on our web site! Service includes two free downloads. (note: additonal downloads slight additional cost)

Become a published writer today!

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Zeke's Instant Publishing

1999 Anthology of Grocery Lists

This anthology of America's best written grocery lists promises to be a valued collector's item!

This wonderful anthology, bound in faux emu leather, with lavish printing and rose-scented pages will make a wonderful keepsake for your family for generations to come!

You can proudly show your grocery list writing talent by appearing in this unique anthology. $25.00 entry fee entitles you to a big 50% discount on the anthology book itself. Normally $100.00 - your price only $50.00!

For more information email:
Zeke's Anthology Publishing


The wonder cure for sticky ROM's!

Sticky ROM's can slow your computer down as much as 30%!

ROM SLICK is the answer to sticky ROM chips and to harmful CPU carbon deposits! Simply spray your motherboard with ROM SLICK and see the difference!*

ROM SLICK is now available at most office supply and motorcycle shops!

* not recommended for ROM's made in Korea