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List of WRITERLIST Writing Samples

Here is a list of sample writing contributions made by WRITERLIST members. We hope you enjoy their efforts. Click on article to read, on author's name for writer profile.

Green Cats!
by John Ralph

Notes on the dietary preferences of English country cats!

Neighbor Goes Bonkers Over Mail Order Fish Bait!
by Allen Rolf

The humorous story about a man's love of fishing and unbelievable fish stories!

Camping Isn't What It Used To Be!
by Allen Rolf

Do things actually change as we get older or does having a daughter just make it seem that way?

How I Met The Saviour
by Allen Rolf

He rode a Harley and carried a jar of olives in his pocket!

The Kinfolks
by Allen Rolf

They came from all over, in trucks, coupes, sedans, and even on motorcycles!

The Hobo's Visit
by Allen Rolf

They put a mark on our back fence!

Why Mama Always So Busy
by Allen Rolf

A Very Old Story Retold!

Day Of The Mad Dog
by Allen Rolf

I Think That Dog Just Had Too Much To Drink!